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When my life is over, and my time has run out,
My friends and my lovers, I will leave, there’s no doubt
But one things for certain, when it comes my time
I’ll leave this old world with a satisfied mind.

Jeff Buckley - Satisfied Mind

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Artist : Jeff Buckley

Song : Lover You Should’ve Come Over, Live in Chicago (1995)

+ Best 8:26 minutes of your life, such a talented musician, it makes me really sad. 

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Fuck Yeah Jeff Buckley!

deafdumbblind said: What's your favorite song? Or favorite live performance?

By far my favorite song of Jeff’s is “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over.” That’s the song that started my obsession with him and every single version I have is just amazing. “Forget Her” is a close second.

As for live performance, there are so many I love…”I Shall Be Released” and “Calling You” from the Live at Sin-é album, “What Will You Say” from Mystery White Boy (one of my favorite songs to blast and sing to loudly when I’m on the highway!) and the L’Olympia version of “Hallelujah” probably top the list. I have a handful of bootlegs, too, and I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite from those.



Rufus Wainwright, Memphis Skyline (Written For Jeff Buckley)

One of my very favorite songs written for Jeff!


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Live at Nulle Part Ailleurs September 8th 1995

“…this is for all the people who know that the only good place for a nuclear bomb is in the garbage, dismantled…this is for Leonard, wherever you are…and this is for Nina Simone…”

The world really needs this. Jeff, the world really needs you….

Absolutely love the intro to this song.